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Getting Your Air Conditioning System Serviced in Fulham

We offer a number of quick services, that can be done in a couple of hours – air conditioning servicing being one of them. Whether you’re looking to have your system cleaned or a full maintenance and re-gassing service, we can do this for you.

The air conditioning system is connected to your interior vents via a number of pipes full of gas. Over time the system can become dirty and less efficient. You’ll start to notice less power in the system and it might take longer to cool your car down or demist your windows. There can also be a bad smell which emits from the vents when you turn the system on. All of these things are an indication that you need to have the system serviced to get it back to full working order.

Antibacterial Air Con Cleaning

Usually, a bad smell coming from the vents when the air conditioning is on is a sign that bacteria is growing somewhere in the system. It multiplies quickly and can cause bad odours, which if left can make the system unusable. Our technicians can clean the entire system out with an antibacterial cleaning fluid, which will get rid of the germs and smell instantly.

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Air Con Re-Gassing

Over time, the gas in your system can become less efficient. If this is left you’ll begin to notice that the air con has no power and doesn’t do the job as well as it used to. You should have your air conditioning re-gassed every two years to make sure that the system is well maintained. When we do this job for you, we’ll release the gas and clean out the entire system. We’ll also check for any damage to the pipes which may cause the gas to leak. We’ll then replace the gas and test the system to make sure everything is working properly. This is a simple job for us to do at an affordable price.

Don’t Pay Over the Odds

Our air conditioning services can all be booked online, and you can view all of our prices. We offer these services at a fraction of the cost at the main dealers, and as our technicians are fully qualified you’ll get an excellent job. We’ll let you know the cost before we start the work and if we come across any further issues with your air con system, we’ll speak to you before going any further. We pride ourselves on offering the people of Fulham and Putney a reliable and trustworthy service.

Book online today if you’re looking for air conditioning services, whether it’s a deep clean, repair or re-gas. You can check our availability and pick an appointment time to suit you. We’re open six days a week and even offer a collection and delivery service if you don’t have time to come to us.

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